The Danger Room Files, Volume 1


J.U.i.C.E. presents…

The Danger Room Files, Volume 1 is the 2005 release from the Los Angeles hip-hop arts community center Justice by Uniting in Creative Energy (J.U.i.C.E.).

Buried deep in L.A.’s Rampart District, J.U.i.C.E. has become the new melting pot of emerging hip-hop emcees, beat-makers, DJs, and producers. There, young artists have free access to the facilities, equipment, and training necessary to develop and expand their skills in bboying (breakdancing), graffiti art, deejaying, emceeing and music production in a safe environment lead by a staff of seasoned LA hip-hop veterans.

This project is the culmination of a year of classes, workshops, blood, sweat, and tears involving a diverse team of emcees and producers that range from battle-tested pros to complete novices. Under the direction of prolific underground producer Kenny Segal (Abstract Rude, Freestyle Fellowship, Dr.oop), they pay tribute to hip-hop culture by constructing a fresh and highly accessible collection of songs on this trendsetting compilation. From the opening jazzy-riffs of the catchy “Transformers”, to the social commentary of “Beautiful Contraption”, the backpacker anthem “Shoe Fits”, or the club banger “Peep My Style” this album covers a large amount of terrain. Whether it’s insightful lyrics, grimy breakbeats, or catchy hooks, this album has something to offer for all hip-hop fans.

Some of the artists featured on the album include NoCanDo and SP-83 of the group Customer Service who fresh off a national tour with underground heavyweight, Aceyalone, and Chosen One, nationally recognized as one of the top Vietnamese emcees in the game. The Danger Room Files, Volume 1 also debuts young lyrical prodigy Dumbfoundead who performs regularly at LA venues such as the Knitting Factory and Zen Sushi alongside internationally-recognized artists like GZA, Abstract Rude, and Pigeon John.

Recent press in the Los Angeles Times has already activated a serious buzz about this unique project, and a new partnership with Alpha Pup Records and iTunes has allowed it to gain worldwide exposure. Copies of the album are currently being serviced to college radio, and the vinyl pressing has already led to some club play by DJs. Artists include: Nocando, Dumbfoundead, June, ChosenOne, Nameless, Sp-83, Rogue Venom, OYG and Tomo (Keentokers), DJ Kenzo, MC Dynasty, Robbie tha Robot, Furis, Psydewaze; and more.

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